Liturgical Ministries


Lectors play a significant role in the Eucharistic Celebration by proclaiming the Word of God in the readings before the Gospel. They also represent the faithful as they read their intentions during the General Intercessions. A deep faith in God and an appreciation of His presence in the Sacred Scripture, along with the ability to read in a clear and reverent voice, is all that is needed to join this ministry. Lectors are needed at all Sunday and Daily Masses as well as Holy Days and other occasions. Training is provided.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The priest celebrant is the ordinary minister of Holy Communion, distributing the consecrated host and wine to the faithful. The deacon who assists him is also an ordinary minister of Holy Communion. Where there is a genuine pastoral need, however, the pastor of a parish and, in particular instances, the presider of a Eucharistic celebration may appoint members of the faithful community to assist in the distribution of the Eucharist. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion should be parishioners who have demonstrated an appreciation of the gift of the Eucharist and who show their respect for the Eucharist, especially when fulfilling their ministry. They are usually appointed to a three-year term and assist the celebrant in distributing communion to the faithful at Mass and to the sick and homebound.

Altar Server Society

Altar servers assist the priest celebrant as he leads the community in worship of God. Being an alter server is being a special way for younger members of the parish to participate at Mass through their service on the altar. It also provides them a means to gain a deeper understanding of the Mass. Everyone who has completed fourth grade is welcome to be an Altar Server. Altar Servers serve at all parish liturgical celebrations, including Sunday and weekday Masses, Holy Days, funerals and weddings. Training is provided.


Ushers play the important role of bidding a warm welcome to all those who are coming into our church, especially newcomers. Ushers are also responsible for assisting people with seating, taking up collections and the presentation of the gifts. Additionally, they ensure the comfort and well being of all attending parish services. All members (male and female) of the parish over the age of 14 with an interested, caring, friendly demeanor are welcome to join the ushers and assist in this very visible and outgoing ministry.

Community Fellowship


Officially known as La Congrega della Madonna del SS. Rosario (The Sodality of Our Lady of the Rosary), the Congrega is the oldest organization in the parish, founded in 1917. We welcome all women of the parish, high school age and older, who seek to grow in faith while serving the parish continuity. Members are encouraged to actively participate in a variety of activities designed to deepen and strengthen their faith, such as the annual Forty Hours Eucharistic Devotions and Lenten devotions, monthly adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and reception of Holy Communion as part of the Congrega on designated Sundays throughout the year. We currently serve the parish by hosting such events as bake sales, poinsettia sales and First Communion and Sunday Pepper & Egg Breakfasts. All of the funds that Congrega raises are used to support the parish and community.

The Holy Name Society

All men of the Parish are invited to participate in the activities of the Holy Name Society. This Parish organization was chartered to foster the growth of the spiritual welfare of all men ion the Parish and encourage the active participation in the total life of our Church. The Holy Name Society sponsors the Rosary Rally and a Healing Mass, actively participates in the children’s Halloween and Christmas Parties. hosts two Coffee and Doughnut Sundays and puts on the Parish Turkey Raffle. Meetings are scheduled for second Sunday of each month and published in the Parish Newsletter. We invite all men and encourage all levels of participation, whether it be helping with one event or many. You will find Holy Name to be a place where you form friendships, serve the Parish community, and grow in your faith.

Life Teen+

All 9th – 12th graders are welcome to be members of Life Teen+. This organization helps teens to learn more about their faith and grow closer to Christ through Mass, service, prayer and fun. Life Teen+ offers a wide variety or activities that encourage a lively spirituality and participation in the community. Some of the activities include a monthly Teen Mass, coordinating the Angel Tree, presenting the Living Stations of the Cross during Lent and more. Many in the group attend the Catholic Heart Work Camp for a week in the summer and participate in the annual “lock-in” retreat and kick-off picnic. Through these activities and weekly meetings throughout the school year, members of the Life Teen+ Group have opportunities to discuss current events and how they relate to their Catholic faith in today’s world. Our group welcomes teens from all of the local parishes.

Junior CYO

Looking for an awesome time? Want to meet new friends? Want to learn about your faith in a fun way? If you said yeas and are in 6th – 8th grade, you are invited to be a member of Junior CYO. This group is now forming. The goal of this organization is for 6th – 8th graders to learn about their role in our community through service as they deepen their faith and grow closer to Christ. Activities include service projects, pizza parties and other social events. Call now to find out more!

Knights of Columbus – Christ the King Council

The Knights of Columbus, attentive to Christ’s admonition that “whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me,” is a charitable organization that reaches out to help those in need in our community. The Knights become aware of particular needs and develop programs to respond in the most appropriate manner. Being a Knight is more than camaraderie: it is being involved with your community; it is supporting your Catholic Church, while enhancing your own faith; it is about protecting and enhancing your family life. If you are 18 or older, call today to learn how you can make a difference.

Parish Leadership

The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to foster full participation of the entire parish in the life and mission of the parish and of the Universal Church. The general function of this council is to advise Father Brennan in those pastoral matters he presents to it. It carries out its function by informing the pastor of the needs and concerns, gifts and resources of the whole parish and its members. Council members are nominated by the pastor and elected by fellow parishioners.

Parish Finance Council

Responsible stewardship of the resources made available to the parish is the responsibility of all parishioners. The Church requires pastors to call forth the many and varied gifts present in the Christian faithful for the good of the Church. The Parish Finance Council works closely with the Parish Pastoral t Council to advance the mission and goals of the parish. The Parish Finance Council, like the Parish Pastoral Council, assists the pastor in a consultative capacity. Members are appointed by the pastor.



Parish members are invited to gather and share their vocal and / or musical God-given talents leading our worshiping community in offering praise and thanksgiving to God for his countless blessings. Lifting voices to enrich, enliven, and inspire our celebration of worship, the Adult Choir assists at Mass three Sundays each month, in addition to Christmas, Holy Week, Easter, and Special parish celebrations. The Choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00.

If you would like to help make a difference, and you are of a mind and heart looking to offer praise to God in this joyful Ministry, it is easy to do so. Give a “heads-up” to the parish office, or drop in some Wednesday evening. You need not be a professional singer or have voice training or such, a heart seeking to praise God will serve very well.


If your talents are tuned to a bit more contemporary outlet, this group may be just what you need to express your praise and appreciation for God’s goodness in your life. These talented parishioners assist at Mass on the fourth Sunday of each month to lead and support the congregation in inspirational worship and praise. Rehearsals are conducted during the week prior to that fourth Sunday. If you feel drawn to share your talent in this Blessed Ministry, give a call to the parish office, or give us a shout-out on Sunday Morning. We will be happy to get you singing along.

Grace Notes

The children’s choir invites parish youngsters in grades 2 through 8 to take advantage of the opportunity to gather with other developing young voices in leading the congregation in song during the celebration of Sunday Liturgy. This is a wonderful faith experience for these children and it provides them with a firm foundation and comfort level for future involvement in Church life. Rehearsals begin in September (usually early Wednesday evening) and the children usually assist at the 10:00 Mass on the first Sunday of each month. Any child who would like to be part of this uplifting part of our parish life, have your Mom or Dad give us a call at the parish office.


The Ministry of Cantor has a long and important history in the life of Church Liturgy. In this day and age, the cantor is usually a lay representative of the congregation who serves to engage the congregation in prayerful song, and leads the responsorial singing of the congregation. In this important ministry the cantor serves basically as a leader of prayer through the medium of song. No extra special talent is needed, just a normal ability to “carry a tune” along with the willingness to learn the Psalm responses, and hymns in order to lead the congregation to a deeper and richer experience of worship. If you discern the Holy Spirit guiding you toward this important Ministry, give us a call at the parish office. Proper training and preparation will be yours for the asking.