Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church

80 South 17th Avenue

Coatesville, PA


Liturgical Ministries




Lectors play a significant role in the Eucharistic Celebration by proclaiming the Word of God in the readings before the Gospel. They also represent the faithful as they read their intentions during the General Intercessions. A deep faith in God and an appreciation of His presence in the Sacred Scripture, along with the ability to read in a clear and reverent voice, is all that is needed to join this ministry. Lectors are needed at all Sunday and Daily News as well as Holy Days and other occasions. Training is provided.


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion


The priest celebrant is the ordinary minister of Holy Communion, distributing the consecrated host and wine to the faithful. The deacon who assists him is also an ordinary minister of Holy Communion. Where there is a genuine pastoral need, however, the pastor of a parish and, in particular instances, the presider of a Eucharistic celebration may appoint members of the faithful community to assist in the distribution of the Eucharist. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion should be parishioners who have demonstrated an appreciation of the gift of the Eucharist and who show their respect for the Eucharist, especially when fulfilling their ministry. They are usually appointed to a three-year term and assist the celebrant in distributing communion to the faithful at Mass and to the sick and homebound.


Altar Server Society


Altar servers assist the priest celebrant as he leads the community in worship of God. Being an alter server is being a special way for younger members of the parish to participate at Mass through their service on the altar. It also provides them a means to gain a deeper understanding of the Mass. Everyone who has completed fourth grade is welcome to be an Altar Server. Altar Servers serve at all parish liturgical celebrations, including Sunday and weekday Masses, Holy Days, funerals and weddings. Training is provided.




Ushers play the important role of bidding a warm welcome to all those who are coming into our church, especially newcomers. Ushers are also responsible for assisting people with seating, taking up collections and the presentation of the gifts. Additionally, they ensure the comfort and well being of all attending parish services. All members (male and female) of the parish over the age of 14 with an interested, caring, friendly demeanor are welcome to join the ushers and assist in this very visible and outgoing ministry.

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